About Qingdao Women and Children's Hospital

Qingdao women and children’s hospital of Qingdao university (QWCH) (Qingdao maternity and children health care center), is a specialized children regional medical center at the provincial level. It is a comprehensive maternal and pediatric tertiary hospital, which combines medical care, health prevention, rehabilitation, scientific research and teaching. In the 2021 Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) of China's medical colleges and hospitals, 5 disciplines have entered the national top 100 and 3 disciplines have entered the national top 50. Among them, obstetrics and gynecology ranked No. 18, and pediatrics ranked No. 21 nationwide. In the performance assessment of national tertiary public hospitals, QWCH has been ranked first in the province's maternity and children specialty hospitals for two consecutive years.

QWCH has 2,452 registered beds, with an annual outpatient visits of 3.03 million, 73,000 inpatients, performs 34,000 surgeries and 15,000 deliveries. At present, there are 5 State Department special allowance experts, 2 Taishan scholars and 11 experts with outstanding contributions at the provincial and municipal level. There are 5 doctoral degree programs, 17 master degree programs, 12 doctoral advisors, 51 master advisors and 447 professionals with senior titles. QWCH has 63 clinical departments and divisions, among them 3 are national characteristics specialties (maternal health care, neonatal health care, menopausal health care), 5 are Provincial Key Clinical Specialties, and 16 medical auxiliary departments. We received one second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, participated in 3 major national key research and development programs, 11 National Natural Science Foundation of China projects and 55 provincial level projects.

QWCH consists of 6 campus: Liaoyang Road campus focuses on clinical treatment, and offers a comprehensive specialist care for women and children; Tieshan Road campus is the former site of Maternal and Child Health Care Center, is now the international Autism Medical and Education Center (Qingdao) and Children's Rehabilitation Center for children with autism and cerebral palsy; Wuding Road is the original site of the Children's Hospital, and now is the International Department and Qingdao New Century Women's and Children's Hospital, which provides high-quality medical services for VIPs; Haibo Road campus is the former commercial staff hospital, which was integrated into QWCH at the end of 2019, is now the blood cancer and hospice care center, highlighting the treatment of advanced cancer, hospice care and palliative care; the West Coast campus is invested by the government and now under construction with 1100 beds planned, which aims to provide high-quality medical services for women and children in the West Coast New Area, even Rizhao, Linyi, Weifang and other surrounding areas; Chengyang Campus (Qingdao Hospital of Peking University People's Hospital) is invested and constructed by the government in two phases: the first phase is opened on January 28, 2021 with 500 registered beds; Science and technology base of National Trauma Medicine Center, as well as the second phase of Qingdao Hospital of Peking University People's Hospital has been successfully laid on December 22, 2021. It cooperates with the Peking University People's Hospital to build the Qingdao Hospital into a high-level regional comprehensive medical center for women and children.

QWCH has cooperated with the State Key Laboratory and the National Ultrasound in Medicine and Engineering center to build the Northeast Asia Center for minimally invasive and noninvasive Diagnosis, Treatment and Research and Development. It has been listed as the first batch of National Genetic Testing Technology and Application Demonstration Center, the first batch of National Pilot Hospital for labor analgesia, and the first batch of Provincial Treatment Center for critically ill children and neonates. It is Qingdao Birth Defects Control and Prevention Center, Antenatal Diagnosis Center, Fetal Medical Center, Neonatal Disease Screening Center, Neonatal Hearing Screening Center, Neonatal Disease Consultation Center, Children's Rare Diseases Consultation Center and other regional diagnosis and treatment centers, to provide a full range of medical, health care and rare disease diagnosis and treatment services for women and children in Qingdao and the surrounding areas.

With the principle of "quality, safety, innovation and development", QWCH adheres to the "double-center" construction concept: "employee-centered" internally and “patient-centered” externally. QWCH focuses the five development elements of management, technology, talent, culture and brand, promotes the standardization construction of the hospital, focuses on the improvement of professional competence and medical service quality, formed a comprehensive prenatal and postnatal control and prevention system for birth defects and a multidisciplinary combined treatment system for rare and critical diseases.